Marc H. Mandel

Of Counsel




Marc Mandel brings an agile, practical, and business-savvy approach to the law based on his experience as a management consultant, his training as an attorney at the largest global law firm, and his service as the General Counsel to an NYC technology company.

Mr. Mandel frequently represents clients doing business with well-resourced counter parties. He understands how those counter parties negotiate and works with clients to generate efficient solutions to closing deals, outmatching the often significantly larger teams of lawyers they employ.

Mr. Mandel provides a full suite of services to growing clients, including helping them to:

  • establish new business enterprises
  • navigate securities laws to raise start-up and follow-on capital, including seed funding, crowdfunding and venture capital
  • conduct due diligence on investment and acquisition targets
  • invest in early and late stage private and public issuers, including negotiating preferred stock rights and private investments in public equity (PIPEs)
  • develop efficient legal processes to close B2B and B2C sales and strategic partnership deals
  • capture value from intellectual property and manage the legal aspects of software development, including open-source compliance
  • understand the privacy implications of data-driven business models, and implement compliance with global data privacy regimes including GDPR
  • establish defensible IT security measures and respond to data security incidents
  • prepare and market a company for sale, and close an M&A transaction
  • conduct public stock offerings and comply with SEC and state securities laws and securities exchange rules

Mr. Mandel graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University with degrees in International Relations and Computer Science, and magna cum laude from Tulane University with a Juris Doctorate degree. While he knows the academic answers to client questions, he understands that his role is to help clients take a risk-based approach to navigating the real world. He takes pride in practicing law unconventionally wherever it leads to client gains.


New York State